Verification on the Amountwork platform as a way to quickly find qualified personnel

How do you attract more applicants to your vacancy? Especially with so many people being picky about employers and fearing fraud? Proving your credibility is pretty simple: go through verification on our platform. You provide us with some documents that we can use to verify the existence of your organization. After verification of all data, your profile and all vacancies will be marked with a special sign, to confirm your status as a reliable employer.

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What are the problems we seek to solve

As a conscientious employer, you've placed an ad and are waiting for responses to the job openings. But how can a job seeker see you are trustworthy? Sadly, there are many scammers on the Internet who take money from potential employees and then disappear. Most often they are swindlers if:

  • they demand money to help you find a job;
  • they promise to issue some kind of work authorization papers for a fee;
  • they conceal details of recruitment to lure a person abroad for criminal purposes;
  • they hide behind the names of trustworthy companies, but in reality represent their own vested interests.

We recommend that users of the Amountwork platform research the employers' information, business documents and contact persons' credentials before responding to ads. However, the information available in the public domain can be not enough for a candidate to respond to your advertisement. The problem may arise from insufficient language skills or poor knowledge of the legislation of the country where the job is planned. As a result, the potential employee may decide not to take the risk or may even choose to go to a competing company.

Advantages of verification

Verification greatly simplifies the hiring process. Labelled ads are more trustworthy: candidates don't have to search the internet for the company on their own, spend time visiting other resources and exploring social media. You'll receive 60% more responses than a non-verified employer, and you'll be able to attract significantly more conscientious and highly qualified employees.

The candidate will be confident that the company:

  • conducts its business in full compliance with the law;
  • has been around for a certain number of years;
  • has no legal problems;
  • provides a real vacancy with clearly outlined working conditions.

The information about the firm verified by the platform can be crucial for a candidate looking for a job abroad. Verification will confirm the good reputation of the company and the honesty of its intentions. At the mere sight of a labeled vacancy, applicants will realize that the employer is reliable and trustworthy.

How to go through verification

The verification service is chargeable and costs 99.00 Euros per year. In the application for verification you provide us with the following:

  • Government certificate of registration of a company or IE.
  • Document confirming the address of the company or individual entrepreneur.
  • A bank statement confirming the existence of a bank account for your company.

A private person that is a recruiter also has the opportunity to be identified, the list of documents to be provided in this case will be a little different.

We verify the information you provide. If information about your company is not publicly available, we may request additional documents from you. Your information will be used for internal verification purposes only and will not be posted on the site. The verification period depends on the completeness of the information and the prompt submission of the documents we request. After verification, all listings and company page will be marked with the "Verified Employer" sign.

Go through verification

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