A verified employer is someone you can trust

On Amountwork platform you can easily find a job in different countries of the world. On our part, we do everything to make the employment process not only simple and convenient for you, but also safe. For this purpose, we offer recruitment agencies and direct employers to undergo verification on the platform. Companies provide us with registration certificates, licenses and other permissive documents. After inspection, the ads of verified companies are marked with a special quality mark. The verification sign in the profile and vacancies means that we confirm the legal purity of this employer, and you can safely trust it.

How we inspect recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies from Europe, the USA, Africa and South-East Asia publish advertisements on the platform. Without knowledge of the laws of a particular country, it is extremely difficult for a job seeker to find out whether such a company actually exists and whether it has the right to hire employees abroad. A beautiful website and positive reviews do not always mean job security. Only verification guarantees that all the information provided by the recruiter is genuine.

What is subject to inspection:

  • Government registration is evidence that the company exists in reality and has been operating for a certain number of years.
  • License - confirms the recruitment agency's right to operate in the labor market of the country specified in the document.
  • Contacts - to check company location, email, phone number, contact person's credentials.

If the information provided by the recruitment agency seems incomplete, we request additional documents - contracts with employers, authorizations from social services, etc. The company receives a verification sign only after a thorough analysis of all the information provided. By responding to an advertisement from a verified recruiter, you can be confident in the company's legal right to hire employees abroad.

Inspection of direct employers

On our platform you can find ads from direct employers. The big benefit of such vacancies is that you do not have to pay intermediaries for employment services. However, there are also enough minuses. It is not uncommon for publicly available resources to register one-day firms, created for fraudulent purposes. You can check the company using the state register of legal entities, but it can be difficult to find these resources on your own.

When verifying a direct employer, we check the company's information against official databases and confirm the accuracy of the information provided:

  • legal address;
  • date of establishment and period of operation on the market;
  • core business;
  • the right of the contact person to represent the company's interests on the platform;
  • actual address, email, phone number.

Questionable and unofficial employers will not be able to pass verification on the platform. A special sign in the company's profile and vacancies means that the organization really exists, is not in liquidation and operates in full compliance with the law. You can trust such an employer and send applications in response to the published vacancies.

Safety measures

With the verification sign we confirm the legal purity of recruitment agencies and direct employers. However, the platform cannot verify the working conditions, social guarantees and wages specified in the contracts. We advise you to carefully study all the clauses and clarify any unclear points before signing a contract.

Remember that conscientious recruitment agencies take payment not before, but after rendering their services. Often the search for applicants is paid for by the employer, in which case employment will be free for you. Ignore organizations that offer to go abroad without a work visa or without a contract signed in advance. Do not agree to prepay for services before signing an employment contract: advance money is demanded mostly by one-day firms. Never give original documents. For employment abroad, only copies are needed, notarized copies at the most.

Please note that the Amountwork platform is not an employer, but only a website for publishing ads. We do our best to prevent fraud and block fraudulent ads. We have launched employer verification as another way to keep job candidates safe and provide our users with only reliable information.

Hot vacancies

Водитель международник в Европу без опыта по СЕ

Grasis consulting company, PL
Netherlands, Миле

Строитель мастер-универсал со знанием немецкого минимально

WPartner, DE
Germany, Вакансия по всей Германии без привязки к городу

Пекарь кондитер Konditor Bäcker

Zolotoj Kolos GmbH & Co KG, DE
Germany, Deggendorf - Mietraching

Технолог-Бригадир (Пекарь/Кондитер)

Zolotoj Kolos GmbH & Co KG, DE
Germany, Deggendorf

Робота в Англії для українців 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 (надаємо спонсора + ВНЖ на 3 роки + робота під ключ)

Work-Service Ukraine 🇺🇦 (Agency №1), UA
United Kingdom, Англія, Шотландія та Північна Ірландія

Покоївка в мережу готелів, працівник торговельних центрів у Братиславі

cw Marshall, UA

Сотрудники склада Германия 🇩🇪

Робота за кордоном 🇪🇺, UA
Germany, Вормс , Библис

Водитель категории B

Kacper Bielawski-Horizontal Solu, PL

Водитель, CE + Междугородний транспорт, 3000 евро нетто! Германия

AMS Transport GmbH, DE
Ukraine, Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland)

Kierowca, CE + transport międzymiastowy, 3000 euro netto! Niemcy

AMS Transport GmbH, DE
Poland, Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland)

Kierowca, CE + transport międzymiastowy, 3000 euro netto! Niemcy

AMS Transport GmbH, DE
Germany, Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland)

Требуются сотрудники на фабрику бортового питания

Агентство, ФОП, менеджер Виталий, UA
Germany, Берлин, Гамбург, Мюнхен

Оператор на производстве. Берем граждан Грузии

Premawork, UA

В Автомастерскую на Авторазбор, требуется сотрудник, постоянная работа

Fenix Siegen, DE
Germany, Siegen

Работа в прачечной


Арматурщик Краков - Польша

MaViAl, PL

Автомобільний завод: Bmw, Volkswagen, (різноробочі, монтажники, оператори, карники)

cw Marshall, UA
Czech Republic

Пекарня, кондитерская (фасовщики, разнорабочие)

cw Marshall, UA

Электрик, сварщик, сантехник, слесарь, пвх, мастер универсал

WPartner, DE
Germany, Вакансия по всей Германии без привязки к городу

Требуются сотрудники в отели, на летние курорты 2024 в Болгарию ( начало работы, май-июнь)

Bulgaria, Золотые пески