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Software Engineer to Amsterdam

Salary:We are looking for Software Engineer to work and live in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
On Amountwork from:April 2019

Job description

We are looking for Software Engineer to work and live in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

We offer challenging work in an international company abroad. You will work together with other developers under the lead of another senior developer for full-working time in the office. We give you the opportunity to learn and to develop yourself. You will also receive additional training in the latest technologies. You end up in an atmosphere of teamwork, but at the same time you have the necessary independence. Depending on your interest and profile, there are opportunities for growth in the long term.Also, we provide you all the necessary documents and accommodation there. If it is needed — you can take your wife or husband (girlfriend or boyfriend) with you.

You will design and create new software by analyzing requirements and implementing and testing programming applications in support of Energy Data Management. Significant ingenuity and latitude is expected.


  • Work closely with UX designers to design and implement innovative and robust client-side software applications;
  • Design and develop server-side code for web-based, SaaS software applications;
  • Design and development subsystems that communicate in real time to external services using Web Services and / or APIs;
  • Modify existing database schemas by adding, changing, and / or removing fields in existing database schemas;
  • Utilize object-oriented design patterns in the implementation of reusable, high-performance, and secure components;
  • Build software applications that are deployed in a cloud-based, virtual environment;
  • Complete testing tasks for all developed code;


  • Computer Science BS / MS degree;
  • 3+ years of software development experience;
  • Cloud development experience (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, etc.);
  • Experience with Big Data technologies;
  • Experience building / consuming REST APIs;
  • Experience with high throughput, scalable, systems;·

Competent in the use of following technologies and tools to develop web applications:HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript;Angular2 and TypeScript;Bootstrap;C #;Visual Studio Team Services;Microsoft Azure Portal;Agile / SCRUM;Continuous Integration;Continuous Delivery;

The ability to work within the following software development methodologies:Single page application design;Designing REST-based APIs;Writing SQL queries;Modifying database schemes;

Experience in the use of the following technologies and tools:Visual Studio;ASP.NET MVC WebAPI;NoSQL and SQL access;MS Build;Angular 4/5;

Experience in the consumption of the following data access technologies:REST and / or SOAP services;Entity Framework;

Personal: Fluent English communication skills (both in writing and verbally); Knowledge of Dutch and French is a plus;Client relationship skills, and ability to work effectively as a contributor in a technical team environment;Strong analytical and logical reasoning skills;Being able to multi-task, set priorities and delegate;

We offer:

  • Competitive salaries commensurate with experience;
  • Flexible spending accounts and 401 (k) with a generous employer match;
  • Our comprehensive benefit package includes medical, dental, vision insurance, life, AD&D, short and long term disability insurance.

To apply, please send your CV in English with salary expectations

Posted: 30.04.2019
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