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Senior Java Developer to Amsterdam

Зарплата:We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to work and live in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
На Amountwork с:Апреля 2019
Тип:Агентство (Украина)
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We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to work and live in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

We offer challenging work in an international company abroad. You will work together with other developers under the lead of another senior developer for full-working time in the office. We give you the opportunity to learn and to develop yourself. You will also receive additional training in the latest technologies. You end up in an atmosphere of teamwork, but at the same time you have the necessary independence. Depending on your interest and profile, there are opportunities for growth in the long term.Also, we provide you all the necessary documents and accommodation there. If it is needed — you can take your wife or husband (girlfriend or boyfriend) with you.

We currently looking for a new colleague as a Senior Java Developer who can support us with the further development of our various Java applications in the technology stack below:Docker containers running in Kubernetes clusters on the Azure platform;An architecture based on micro services principle;Java 8;Spring Boot 2.x;Spring Framework 5.x;JPA;REST;Front end in Vue.js 2.x;GIT;Team Foundation Server;We work according to the principles of Agile and DevOps.;


  • You participate in the development of new applications and keeping existing applications in shape according to the «Industry Best Practices» around software engineering;
  • You work with functional and technical analysts to develop the appropriate applications;
  • You work together with the Software Architect (s) to keep the software architecture of the various applications in good shape;
  • You guarantee the integration of the different Java applications with the other components in our landscape;
  • You coach and support the other developers with whom you are part of the team;
  • You guarantee the good quality of the software that you and the team deliver;
  • You are responsible for the correct construction and release of the various Java applications;
  • In addition, depending on your availability, you can be deployed to participate in various innovative initiatives;

Requirements:You have a Master degree in IT / Computer Sciences or a Bachelor degree with equivalent experience;At least 5 years of experience as a Java developer in various projects and / or maintenance activities;

In-depth knowledge of the following technologies is a must:Java 8;Spring Boot 2.x;Jump 5.x;Hibernate / JPA;REST (design principles and implementation thereof);OO Skills;Software engineering design principles;Docker & Kubernetes;Tomcat, Apache Servers;GIT;

Knowledge of the following technologies is an asset:Java 9 — 10 — 11;Spring boat cloud;Team Foundation Server;Cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, …TypeScript;IntelliJ;Good knowledge of Unit Testing Frameworks, Performance Testing and Load Testing;Experience with Software Development methodologies such as Agile and / or Waterfall is an advantage;


  • You have a critical attitude and you dare to question matters and take action;
  • Strong analytical and logical reasoning skills;
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;
  • Being able to multi-task, set priorities and delegate;
  • Fluent English communication skills (both in writing and verbally);
  • Knowledge of Dutch and French is a plus.

To apply, please send your CV in English with salary expectations

Опубликовано: 30.04.2019
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