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Game Presenter (Ведущая онлайн игр)

Location:Other, Республика Армения, г. Ереван
On Amountwork from:January 2024
Vardanyan Asya

Job description

We are looking for a talented and energetic Game Presenters to join our team at Medialive in Armenia, Yerevan.


As a Game Presenter, you will host and comment on online games for our audience.


Main duties:

1. Conducting online games and commenting them live

2. Chat with the players and answer their questions in the chat

3. Creating an interesting and exciting conventions for viewers

4. Ensuring high quality and professionalism while conducting games



1. Higher education (preferably in the field of media, journalism or video production)

2. Excellent communication skills

3. Energy and high motivation in the field of gaming

4. Knowledge and understanding of game culture and trends

5. Ability to work in a team

6. Excellent knowledge of English language

7. Ability to work with a flexible schedule (morning, evening, night shifs)


We offer you to become a part of our young and talented team, to get the opportunity to develop in the field of gaming. You will receive the necessary trainings and support from our experienced trainers.


 1. The company pays for the flight from another country to Armenia and accommodation in the hotel.

 2. The company provides transfer to workplace and back.

 3. Meals at work.

 4. Paid training period (27 days) at the rate of $45 per day.

 5. We provide individual work clothes, shoes, professional cosmetics and manicure every 2 weeks.

 6. Official employment and registration of all documents (including work visa, residence permit, etc. for foreign citizens).

 7. Opening a bank account.

 8. Competitive ZP in this field in the Armenian market (from $1400 per month).


WhatsApp +374 93 37 70 70

[email protected]

Posted: 25.01.2024
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