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React. js/Node. js Developer | Mobile Apps

On Amountwork from:July 2019
Ruby Labs Ltd

Job description

Join the team behind one of the TOP #5 apps in Lifestyle and Entertainment category on AppStore with over 35 million downloads and over 25,000 5-star reviews. We are looking for an extremely driven Node.js/React.js Developer to develop and maintain back-end and front-end for online chat. It’ll be a web part of paid chat for the mobile app users (not a support chat).

Ruby Labs Ltd is one of the fastest-growing start-ups established in London in 2018. Our mission is to develop high-value mobile apps that users will be willing to purchase and use over time. And followed by a strategy backed by in-depth market analysis, strong and focused development teams and aggressive marketing investments.

Location: Remote

Remuneration: High, TBD

Required Experience:

  • 3−5 years in Node.js/React.js development
  • Startup and/or mobile apps experience preferred

Job Functions:

  • Take full ownership of developing & maintaining the back-end and front-end for online chat (web part)
  • Develop balancing system to distribute chat requests btw the available agents in real-time
  • Optimize and fine-tune code for performance
  • Ensure adherence to established schedules and releases

Core Competencies:

  • Highly organized and independent
  • Get-it-done mindset
  • Commercially minded and constantly looking for ways to be more effective and efficient

Personal Attributes:

  • Hard worker, humble and hungry
  • Passionate about the development of brand new and useful products
  • Collaborative, team player and can do attitude

How to get started:

If you’re excited by the idea of seeing yourself in this role at Ruby Labs ltd, please apply with your CV and a cover letter that best expresses your interest and unique qualifications.

Posted: 10.07.2019
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