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English teacher

Salary:30000 грн. До 38000 зависит от квалификации, опыта и тд
On Amountwork from:May 2019
The way to success

Job description

A Way To Success International Education Centre is looking for committed ESL teachers and Native speakers to complement our qualified workforce of educators. The main prerequisite for this position is for teachers to enjoy their time teaching, and be reliable, passionate, energetic and engaging with their students, while delivering the instruction according to the school’s requirements. Our experienced teaching team prepares for you a stress-free teaching environment. Now we have positions teaching young learners aged 3 years old and above, teaching adults is possible as well. Working Visa is provided if you have got all the documents required.

What we offer:

•High Salary, etc.

•legal working visa-free Foreign Expert Certificate& Residence Permit provided

•flight allowance- 3000yuans

•health insurance: available during the whole contract-free housing-lunch provided (workdays)

•a reputable teaching experience in China-living and working support during the stay-airport pickup upon arrival

•startup assistance (bank account, cell phone number, etc.)

•on- going training

What we want:

• Bachelor’s degree or above required, a degree in education is preferred

• Age from 21 to 40 is highly preferred

• Native English speakers from South Africa,UK, USA, Canada, European candidates with fluent English are also welcome to apply.

• Experience in the education field highly desirable

• Clear speaking voice, with no strong regional accent- TESOL, TEFL or similar teaching certification preferred

• Ability to live abroad for at least one year

Job Duties:

• Full time ,maximum of 25 teaching hours per week

• Plan, organize and implement instructional program that helps each student achieve learning objectives and curriculum goals

• Hold the placement testing and interview new students

• Attend and participate in monthly trainings or workshops for teachers' development- Uphold the school policies, rules and procedures in a supportive and positive manner- Organize some of center’s social events and take part in them. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to have you in our team!

Posted: 07.07.2019
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