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Sales representative

Зарплата:35000 грн. Up to 49000
Компания: Eversis
Тип:Агентство (Украина)
Контактное лицо:

Описание вакансии

We are looking for a sales representative who can listen to customers and ask them questions wisely. We are looking for a person who understands modern sales mechanisms, such as generating leads using social media (LinkedIn) and knows the power of content marketing.

Your target market will be Europe, which is why we expect you to know English at a level that allows you to efficiently conduct business talks, correspondence or present your company’s offer to a larger audience.

We are a software company, but we do not require you to experience the sale of software. We expect an open mind and quick assimilation of information about our services, products and good practices that we use.Your experience in B2B sales will be valuable. Our clients are large entities, such as Airbus Defense and Space, European Space Agency, T-Mobile or Avaya.

In summary, you will be responsible for acquiring new contracts on the European market (the target group is public administration, financial institutions and telecoms), including:

  • obtaining and servicing leads and handling leads from other activities (marketing, our partners, conferences),
  • preparing offers in cooperation with the implementation team,
  • supporting content marketing activities, such as preparation and distribution of newsletters for clients and potential partners, promotional content, case studies,
  • participation in European industry conferences.

You are the ideal candidate if:

  • you use perfect English (C1 or above),
  • you have higher education (bachelor's degree, major: economics, IT or related),
  • you feel good in the role of trader, especially in the B2B area
  • you know the mechanisms of sales automation and social selling.

What can we give in return:

  • basic salary at the level of 4,000 — 7,000 PLN net, plus a commission calculated on the basis of sales results
  • flexible form of employment (B2B or employment contract),
  • private medical care,
  • perfect organizational climate
  • we can help in getting a work permit in Poland

First 2−3 months you will be able to work from Ukraine, after this time we will need you to relocate to Poland.

The recruitment process consists of two stages:Verification of your language skills: we call you, wanting to buy the proverbial «pen; a laptop; etc. «Your task will be to tell us about him, about his advantages, competitive advantages, and then summarize our conversation in a short e-mail (Note: first of all, the knowledge of English is important, not your pen sales skills. In Eversis, we do not sell them).If you pass the first part of recruitment successfully, we will invite you to face2face conversation. Then you will be able to tell us about your experience, ideas for sale and what motivates you the most.

Опубликовано: 14.06.2019
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