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Bartender-waiteress, adminstrator for a beach Castle

Salary:По итогам иньервью
Company:Castle zaman
On Amountwork from:April 2019
Castle zaman

Job description

Tired of city life? Need a major change?

A beach castle’s venue is looking for a talented bartender/waitress to live and work there. This is not only a job, but a complete new life style.

«Castle Zaman» is a beautiful castle perched above a private beach on the Sinai coast of Egypt. Zaman is one of the most successful day-use venues in the stunning Gulf of Aqaba. It hosts a unique and hip slow-food restaurant, bar, mini spa and pool. All staff members are committed to the success of the business and are team players, adaptable to more remote environments.

The castle is located in a secluded area. It is important that the candidate possesses a compatible character that enjoys nature and the outdoors, far away from cities. It is ideal that the candidate has other creative interests such as writing, photography, etc., to keep them entertained and occupied while not working.

We have an opening for a barmaid/waitress with the following qualifications: — conversational if not fluent English— easy going personality suited to customer service — fast learner (for those with less experience in the waiting tables/tending bar/service industry) — cultural adaptability

If interested please send your CV, a recent photo and your dates of availability:

Posted: 20.04.2019
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