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Network engineer to Slovakia

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The biggest in the world telecommunication company AT&T (19 in Fortune500 list) offers a permanent job for Network Engineers with relocation to Slovakia (Bratislava and Kosice)

We are looking for Lead Network Engineers and Senior Lead Network Engineers

AT&T offers:

  • Official job in EU (social package and guarantees)
  • Unlimited contract with an opportunity to take root in Europe
  • Salary depending on experience and technical knowledge:

For Lead Engineer position — base salary is 1680 EURO Brutto at minimum

For Senior Engineer position — base salary is 2250 EURO Brutto at minimum

Wage-ceiling for both positions is a way higher than that.

So the base salary to be offered to you is likely to be higher based on your skills, knowledge and experience.

+ Uplift bonuses for work during late evening (+25% of basic hourly rate) and night time (+38% of basic hourly rate)

  • Extensive package of additional employment benefits as it fits to employment in high-tech American company all over the world.
  • Unlimited professional development and career opportunities in the high-edge network technologies

Job Summary:

As a Lead Engineer you’ll be primary contact for internal teams and customers; responsible for setting up new customers and lifecycle support (incident management excluded). Your primary scope will be setting up HW requirements, designing network infrastructure and integrating other customer services (AT&T or 3rd party).

You as an Engineer working on this position should have common understanding of traditional networking standards and should be keen to learn NEW strategic technologies such as NFV, SDN and SDWAN concepts.

You will work as part of a small team with some rotation between US-time based shifts (local time evening and night shifts with an emphasis on evening ones). Shift rotation on weekly basis.

Key competencies and skills for the job:

  • hands on with LAN/WAN/routing protocols/QoS/troubleshooting/scripting
  • Professional level of industrial certifications from one of the vendors — Cisco, Juniper, F5/Riverbed/Fortigate/Palo Alto products/technologies — is advantage
  • Cloud technologies and security services (Zscaler)
  • VOIP or wireless knowledge — is advantage
  • overview or experience with NEXT-gen technologies like SDWAN (Velocloud, Viptela, Riverbed, FatPipe); SDN (NFV); NEXT-Gen Firewalls (Palo Alto, Fortinet) is welcomed
  • user level skills on Linux, Unix & scripting (python, pearl) is preferred

Soft skills:

  • Well organized, detail oriented and flexible to help meet business requirements
  • Good communication (written and verbal) skills (strong English is preferred)
  • Innovative with capability to adapt to new environments and drive changes successfully
  • Team player, analytical thinker & problem solver

Feel free to contact me concerning the opportunity!

Опубликовано: 01.06.2019
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