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Senior PHP Developer to Krakow

Location:Poland, Краков
Company: PerfOps
On Amountwork from:May 2019

Job description


We are looking for experienced PHP developers to help us build and maintain new features while staying fast and stable under high load.

You will be working with systems that gather and analyze billions of data points and make the data available to our users via dashboard and API that also integrates with our global load-balancing system.

We are a young and high energy startup with a friendly non-corporate environment and we are looking for self-motivated and driven people to help us grow fast!


  • Back-end development of new functionality
  • Code and Architectural review
  • Transform requirements to a set of various types of tests
  • Communicate with developers, architects, QA engineers
  • Proactive position in solution development, processes improvements
  • Delivering the product roadmap and planning for the future
  • Handle complex problems that might arise during solution development and provide field support with creative and rapid solutions
  • Ensure that the highest coding standards are met and write highly testable, automatable and performant code over the whole SDLC


  • 7+ years experience with PHP (5,7), strong knowledge in language specific features
  • Strong knowledge in OOP, OOD (SOLID, GRASP) principles, experience in applying them — is a MUST
  • Experience with development production-ready solutions
  • Experience with REST API development
  • 5+ years experience with MySQL
  • 3+ years experience with frameworks Symfony >=2 or Zend Framework >= 2 (preferable Zend Framework)
  • Excellent knowledge in computer science, database theory, code testing practices
  • Understanding of network interactions and protocols, conventions
  • Troubleshooting and debugging PHP applications
  • Ability to read and communicate in written English


  • Understanding of orchestration and virtualization (Docker)
  • Experience with Cloud solutions (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Knowledge of message broker systems (e.g. Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • Experience with JavaScript (ES6)
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks
  • Understanding of application security and industry standards and best practices

Personal skills

  • Ability to relate positively to and engage with a wide range of people
  • Strong self-motivation, reliable and flexible team-player. High attention to details
  • Always seeking to improve processes and suggest alternative better solutions


  • B2B or Perm
  • Relocation to Krakow
  • New office in city center
  • Flexible hours
  • Ability to make impact on the whole company
Posted: 16.05.2019
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