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Домработница в Италию

Зарплата:25000 грн
Тип:Агенство (Украина)


  • Being honest, open and sincere;
  • cleaning of the house and the surrounding area outside (porch, patio, walkways, garden);
  • kitchen cleaning (crockery, refrigerator, dishes, stove, dishwasher, pantry, shelves and floors);
  • washing, ironing, folding clothes;
  • cooking and table setting;
  • purchase and execution of orders;
  • replenishment of stocks of household goods;
  • pet care;
  • care of plants (room and garden);
  • making the beds and changing bed and bath linen;
  • In general, doing all that is usually done by the lady of the house.
Опубликовано: 19.04.2019
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